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Increase traffic to your website

Increase traffic to your website

Increase traffic to your website part three, this has been our topic over the last couple of weeks in How to increase traffic to your website\ part two we touched on video and content creation.In part one we touched on SEO and Social media.

Increase traffic to your website

So in today’s post we are going to speak about other aspects that are essential to increasing traffic to your site. The headings today will be:

  • Page layout
  • Page or post Readability imperative
  • Interlink your pages
  • Speed is of the essence


Page layout

Yes guys page layout is very important because when people come to your site you want them to enjoy the experience. Therefore you have to ensure that your pages are laid out correctly.

It is very important that your pages are clean and not cluttered  and that the user is not distracted by too much going on in the page.

Each page has an objective and you want to deliver your message you do not want an end-user missing the point. Or just bouncing of your page as they feel its just too distracting.

Page or post Readability imperative

This is very important guys when you are putting pages or posts together you have to ensure that the material is easily readability. When putting your content together.

Ensure that you have short paragraphs and short sentences to make it easy to read. Use headings, subheadings,bold to highlight important points. Remember people do not like to read so you have to make your material scan- able.

Interlink your pages

Interlink your pages guys this another important thing to do. The reason is we have to keep the end-users experience in mind. Also time on site is a very important factor when climbing the search engines.

Obviously being at the top of the search engine is the quick answer to  how to increase traffic to your website.

Therefore guys if we have spent time building our sites. Creating the content but we have to interlink to guide people through our site. Especially if you have all the information they are looking its crazy to lose them as you do not have your content linked.

I have a post  on contextual navigation which discusses this in more detail. click here to go there.

Speed is of the essence

Increase traffic to your website, speed guys yes if your site is slow to load people wont wait they will go somewhere else. We as people are very impatient we want our information now and we will not wait.

Therefore if your site is slow to load your losing potential traffic.That is why a simple site with good content performs well. On the other hand if your site has flash graphics and any unnecessary graphic I would eliminate them as they slow down your load time.

Increase traffic to your website summary

So in today’s post guys we have addressed some very important points. Especially in relation to increasing time on site . Also we highlighted how important it is for the user to have a good experience on your site.

Allied with this is you take the end-user by the hand to all the related material in your site by interlinking related material.

So that’s it from me today guys plenty food for thought and I hope this answer the question:

How to increase traffic to your website

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