How to get your Business online the correct way | An online presence part two | Colm McGill

How to get your Business online the correct way | An online presence part two

How to get your Business online the correct way | An online presence part two

How to get your Business online the correct way:

Hello guys and welcome to part two of how to get my business online correctly.  In my other post I said to you that the only person you should speak to when getting your site developed is an online marketer.

As they really understand the goal and the business reasons for a website guys and how to incorporate the other platforms so that you fuse all your platforms  together. This is the of the utmost importance to expand your online reach for your business.

This is achieved through a strong online strategy to create that online presence with the bottom line in mind and your website is the center of operations.

You don’t want an online mannequin sitting in an online wilderness not performing, not gaining leads and not converting prospective customers. Therefore how you get business online correctly, is speak with an online marketer quite simple guys.


Your website has to perform :

The reason for this at the end of the day a website is not only a pretty picture. While I agree with having a professional looking site you don’t have to go overboard.

While many graphic designers and web developers get carried away here and the bombard you with jargon and buzz words and your think it’s all great in the heat of the moment.

Then you spend your hard earned money for your site, only to find out down the road that you are getting no traffic to your site and obviously it has had no impact on your business.

Now don’t get me wrong web designers and graphic designers of course have their place are brilliant at what they do. But we are in business. Another place many local business get their website developed is the local computer repair man, which is another no no.

The reason I say this again your website is not a picture it is a potentially the strongest tool you have to expand your business both offline and online without any doubt.

Consult with an online marketer:

Therefore you need to consult with an online marketing on gaining that online presence. Once you have developed your strategy and plotted out your plan to dominate the search engines in your niche. Then you start developing you website to reflect your strategy.

Therefore yo can see the advantages of consulting with a  marketer as he understands the business. He sees the end result which is to develop and expand your business not to have the a flashy were you have to give people the url to find it. No no we will strategies and optimize our site too climb to the top of the search engines.

Now that we agree:

OK now that you see my reasoning, let’s talk about what we should do, first get an online marketing and again this is what the net is for guys to go out there and find people  through the search engines that can help you.

We no longer have to drive or meet guys that what the net is therefore to utilizing  It is undoubtedly the way of the future. We only have to look at our own behaviors around our shopping banking socializing etc.

Now once you get your online marketer you have to discuss the things that matter your goals dreams and aims for your business.

Therefore you can see now how you web design is a secondary consequence not a primary one. With that I’m mind guys I’m going to leave it there for today, however I’m going to put another post where we shall discuss the strategy on

How to get your business online correctly.

Thank you




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