How to get your business online the correct way | An online presence part three | Colm McGill

How to get your business online the correct way | An online presence part three

How to get your business online the correct way | An online presence part three

How to get your business online the correct way :

Welcome guys to the final part of how to get your business online correctly. Today I am going to speak about what you should know as a business owner when developing your site and your online presence and what strategy or strategies you should employ.

So let’s start with your website and your online presence, their main purpose is to develop and expand your business. That is their main aim guys, therefore we have to put in place a strategy to achieve this.

Not getting a pretty or cool looking site that does not perform and cost us  tiny fortune.

This is obviously not the way to go let’s start realizing the future guys and realize that traditional means of driving traffic to our business is no longer working.

Optimize your site :

There is no denying we have to optimize our site for the search engines and for people. The way we should approach this is through content marketing and keep in mind content is king. We now live in the information age and we have to produce quality information that is engaging and beneficial to the end user.

We as business owners have to understand the power of words and understand how keywords and how key word search works. We in small or local business have to understand we are going to produce quality content around our business with the relevant keywords in mind and produce images and video to convey our message.

This further proof guys as a business owner and your question should be  how to get your business on line correctly. Therefore I encourage you to get an online marketer to ensure that you gain an online presence and that your website becomes a powerful marketing tool.

Money in the list:

Your site has to be really engaging, educational and informative; you have to offer value in order to capture details of potential customers where you can execute an email campaign from there.

All too often within business website you have to look for the location to give your details to get more information on the business this is nonsensical the money is the list guys. Make sure, your opt in forms are visible and that you offer something of value for in exchange of the potential customers details.

Share content in social media platforms:

Another thing you have to ensure that you have incorporated in your website as a business is your social platforms guys. You have to have your Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn etc.

This broadens your online exposure and it allows you the opportunity to expose your business across these platforms with a uniformed message to expand your online presence.

Now you, yes you as  a business owner I hope I have highlighted the things you have to think about when you are building your website or revamping an existing one.

Well to be honest I hope you the business owner who has not done what I have said: will get out there find an online marketer and get that site of yours performing.

Yes guys it not just about having a website you have to think about getting that exposure for your business. You have to put strategies in place and you have to surround yourself with people that understand business in general and understand online marketing. Not someone who can fix your computer and can put up a pretty looking site for you.

This not good enough guys, we have to embrace the net and understand the potential that is here for our business if we plan correctly.

If  you need help:

If you need any help with any of the issues I have discussed contact me, just put your details in the side bar and I will get back to you. Then we can start on the correct strategies for your business to gain a proper and performing online presence.

So that is it for the end to three part series on:

How to get your business online the correct way

Thank you


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