How to get traffic to your site | An online presence | Colm McGill

How to get traffic to your site | An online presence

How to get traffic to your site | An online presence

How to get traffic to your site:

This is what everyone in business want to know. Today I am just going to concentrate on getting traffic through keywords content creation and social media.

There are many other different ways but for the purpose of this post these are the ones I have chosen to illustrate how to get traffic to your site.


Keywords posses the secret to driving traffic to your site. It is estimated if you are on the first page of Google and in  first place you will get almost half the traffic for that keyword or keyword phrase.

Now that we know this information our goal is clear. But the question you ask is how are we going to get there? Well first of all guys we have to research particular words and I use Google  keyword tool to do my research.

Many people  online don’t realize or just don’t know the power of key words and this is how to get traffic to your site. As we all know in this traffic our potential customers are there to be found.

Therefore we have to understand that we have to target keyword phrase, so that we are specific with our strategy. Many business target keywords which may be very broad and they a have no chance of reaching the top and even in they did the word  they targeted  is not  specific enough.

For example someone might target blogging which is a very broad term in comparison if you target setting up a blog for local business which is much more specific and you can provide the relevant answer immediately and you know what exactly the person is looking for.

Content Creation:

Once you have identified your keyword phrase you are going to start developing your content around it. You shall write a post anywhere between 500-650 words, create a video about 3-6 minutes speaking about your post and the topic. Then pick an image and optimize it. Not that difficult at all guys.

Once we develop the content around our keywords and were are providing relevant information that is educational and engaging now we are ready to rise to the top. Once we are following a few simple strategies in our content creation we will get there and get that traffic back to your site.

Social media:

Yes we have to share our content once we have it produced around our keywords. So we head to our social media platforms. The likes of YouTube, Google+ Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc.

This allows us to extend our exposure across the net guys. This also allows us to give people the opportunity to engage with our material.

This has two distinct advantages for getting traffic to our site.

Number one people engaging in our material within these platforms this invariably lead them back to our site which obviously increases traffic.

Number Two the search engines are really putting importance on Social signals nowadays so if people across these platforms are liking plusing and retweet your material this really helps you to climb for that keyword phrase.

Start applying the above tips:

I have outlined some very simple little things here guys to get traffic to your site, but make no mistake these work.  The reason they work is guys we live in an information age and the search engines are looking to provide the most relevant answer to the question being asked.

Therefore it is imperative for us to know how to pick the correct keywords and know the correct strategy to create this content to get ranked for this particular keyword phrase to get that traffic to your site.

If you are struggling to get that traffic to your site contact me and I will help you just pop your information into the sidebar above.

From there I will show you how to get to that traffic back to your site.

Thank you


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