How to create an online Presence | Online Mentor | Colm McGill

How to create an online Presence | Online Mentor

How to create an online Presence | Online Mentor

How to create an online Presence | Online Mentor

This is the question many of us out there want to know. It makes no difference what field you are working in whether you are a local business or an affiliate or network marketer etc; this is the million dollar question for you to capture potential customers.I am sure ye have heard that the money is in the list but if you do not have presence online you will not get to that stage.


Creating an online Presence

First we will need a website guys as this is our center to all we do online. It is basically our home online and everything we do radiates out from here.To develop our website we will need a hosting company and the company I use is Hostgator I find them to be excellent and have a fantastic customer services. But before all this we need a domain name and I purchase from Godaddy.

Now were ready to start building and the content management system I use is wordpress which we can install from our hostgator account. WordPress is a fantastic platform with numerous function to customize your website it posses unbelievable flexibility.

Now many of us whether we are going to do what I have said above or get someone else to do it, think that’s it my online presence created. Not all guys this is only the start. Now we have to open a minimum of 5 social media account to broaden our online presence. I would start with the main ones:

  • Linkedin
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • You tube

Now that we have our social media accounts activated and our website created, we have to start producing content.

What does content mean

Content is a post in text of 400-600 words also an image is content and video also. When thinking about content we have to produce it around certain keyword or keyword pharses. What are keywords I hear you to ask?  Keywords are what we use to search in the search engines when looking for answers to our problems. I.e. “how to set up a blog for local business”.

This is a keyword phrase so you can imagine if I have produced content in the correct manner around this phrase I will arrive at the top of the search engines and therefore drive traffic back to my site and business. But if you do not produce content on your website and share it correctly across your social media accounts you do not have a presence online.

How to create an Online Presence outlined

I have outlined some very straight forward approach to gaining an online presence above. So if you as local/small business,affiliate,network marketer etc you have to learn the basics of online marketing , keywords keyword phrases how to research them. You have to take the time to understand SEO and content creation, how to maximize and utilize your Social media platforms. How to become an authority within your industry or nice and create a strong online presence for your business.

That’s is from me today guys but if you need any help or advice in creating that online presence for you or your business do not hesitate to contact me. I hope these guidelines have helped you to answer the question:

How to create an online Presence | Online Mentor

Thank you,





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