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How to create an online Presence | An online presence

How to create a presence online | An online presence

How to create an online Presence.

Every business and individual  operating  online today  needs a presence and to be able to brand, develop and build your business  and yourself correctly.


The first thing you need is a performing website not a flashing looking site which is hard to navigate. A performing website is quite easy to navigate and contains quality information.

It will contain a valuable user experience. It will also get the person on the site to engage and interact all the while  adding  to their experience.

When developing your site you have to understand your audience and what they want and need from your products and services.

You should always highlight the benefits for the prospective customer, many business and individual online highlight the features solely they possess which is a mistake. As they neglect the added value to their prospect through benefits.

Also you have to keep in mind that when people arrive at your site you have to engage them. After all you need to get their information:  name  email phone etc.

Therefore you have to have a call to action and give these prospect something good in return for there valuable information. Which builds that all important list.

Remember the list is invaluable as people might not buy from you immediately, but through your correspondence  and building trust and credibility they  may start to purchase your products and services down the road. This is the integral part of creating an online presence.

Now the next thing you need to have is an  email marketing software for example the ones that spring to my mind; mailchimp which is a free software. The paid ones are Aweber, Send Blaster, Groupmail etc. The one I use is Aweber.
When people visit your website or blog you need a place to capture their  information. As I have already discussed in my post BUILDING AN EMAIL LIST

Online Presence

The next topic is the most important of all. It is  understand online marketing  in order to build that online presence. This knowledge of building a presence drives traffic to your site which  in turn helps you to  that list.

There are a number of way to do online marketing. There are the  paid methods through advertising etc or you can use the free methods such as SEO.

At the end of the day guys marketing online comes down to search engine optimization. If you don’t understand SEO you are just floating out there in an online wilderness.

It is not by chance one gets to the top of the search engines rankings  and has a strong online presence. The search engines use algorithms to calculate your relevance and importance to the search query. Therefore understanding SEO is essential.

So creating an online presence comes down to having a strong understanding of online marketing and understand nothing is by chance but by design.

Once you follow the basic factors of online marketing you will create an online presence by incorporating all the factors of an online marketing.

Also you will create your presence through the different mediums out there Video website, blogging social media article submission sites forums etc.

It’s not that difficult guys just take your time to become an expert in the various facets of online marketing and you will create an online presence.

This of course when done correctly will drive traffic to your business and once you convert these into customers your business automatically expands and develops.

So guys get out there and start to educate your on the different aspects of online marketing to create that online Presence. This presence online will expand your business beyond your wilderness dreams.

Therefore it is imperative that you start  creating a brand today and an online presence irrespective of what industry your in.

Online presence reminder

Just a little example before I go. Do you remember the days that we went to the phone to search for businesses ? that day is gone. Today we go online  and have what we want in seconds. So I hope this gives you the motivation to start building your online presence today.

How do I create an online presence? Its just been answered!!

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