How to brand your local business? | An online presence | Colm McGill

How to brand your local business? | An online presence

How to brand your local business? | An online presence

How to brand your local business ? | An online presence

How to brand your local business? What a question first of all let’s understand what a brand is.

A Brand :

A brand guys is what defines you and your business it not just a logo or an image it’s what you represent. Therefore when branding your business you have to think about what you want your business to represent, what it is going to reflect.

An easy way to define your brand is ask yourself what is your brand purpose? Brand promise? Brand personality?. Now we have our definition down we now know what we want to represent and how we are going to brand our local business.


How to brand your local business:

First of all when your branding any business whether it is local, national or international the key to success is a uniformed message make sure there is continuity. The way you ensure continuity is deliver a uniformed message at all times, many businesses deliver conflicting messages and this does not work online or offline.

You have to target the relevant keywords produce the content around it and deliver that uniformed message on a regular basis. All the time ensuring that the content you are producing is true to your brand promise and purpose.

We know the importance of the correct use of keywords to gain exposure or if we don’t start learning and don’t worry I’m here to help you it’s my job. We have to start creating content around our brand and the keywords we are targeting; to gain that presence and exposure for our local business’s brand.

So where to start branding our local business:

Blog or a website immediately if you don’t have one get one an email address with your business name. Set up social platforms accounts like

  • Google+

  • Pinterest

  • linkedIn

  • youtube

  • twitter

  • face book

They are many more but this is a start. We have to broaden our online marketing net to gain that presence and exposure for our brand. Our starting point is producing content on a regular basis material related to our business or our industry or sometime ourselves; don’t be afraid to get personal with your material. Remember guys people still buy off people and we have to show off our personalities our brand online is an extension of our personalities when we think about it.

Get visual with your Brand:

We have to get visual with our brand; we have to create images that capture our brand and share them across the various platforms of course Pinterest here is a fantastic medium for such an activity.

We also have to start producing video, this is becoming ever more influential online. Video is the perfect medium to build a brand online it allows you to get very personal with your business and this gives credibility and people like to see what kind of person you are.

Once you start producing content on a regular basis on the message is uniformed and therefore you build on continuity you are starting to build your brand for you and your business online.

Many local businesses underestimate the power of the net and don’t understand the need to build a brand online. We have to keep in mind that 70% of all searches for products and services for products are done online and that is only going to increase.

Therefore if you spend time building your brand online you are going to build confidence and trust in your customers and potential customers. You will develop a strong reputation within your niche or industry and it does not take a genius to figure out this will have fantastic results for you and your business.

So guys come online with your local business and start tapping into this market that is just waiting for you and start thinking about developing your brand online.

There is no denying online marketing is the way of the future and all business are going online irrespective of industry size or background. Let start today building your brand and if you have any questions or need help with this question.

How to brand your local business

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