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How do you build a brand online? | An online presence

How do you build a brand online ? | An online presence

How do you build your brand online?   Well to be able to build your brand online you have to know what your brand is. Your brand guys, represents who you are as a business or an individual. Your brand is your identity.

The secret to a strong brand is a uniformed message irrespective of the medium you’re a using.

It does not matter whether you‘re using your blog twitter Google+ or Facebook etc . Your message and image about you and your business should remain consistent.


How to build your brand online

Well guys it’s not something that is just going to happen overnight. Especially when you’re going it alone it will take some time unless you use a professional.  So you have decided to go alone what do you need to do?

First of all you have to get a clear definition of what you and of your business is and what you do.

Now you have to think about the search engines like Google, yahoo or bing. We are now looking for the correct keywords that describe you and your product.

The fact is we have to think what the perspective customers are going to type in to the search engine when looking for something related to what we are offering.

Have a look at my post Understanding the Search engines to get a clearer picture on this issue.

A platform to build a brand online

We’ll need a blog or a website to   showcase our products and services. The platform I would recommend is WordPress, and I would recommend spending a little money on buying a wordpress theme that reflects you and your business.

The thing here is not to get carried away with flashy looking website. One has to be mindful when creating a website or a blog that it will perform for you within the search engines and give value to the end-users experience.

As I have said in other posts guys content  is king for people and search engines. You have to get that blog to perform in order to stand out from the others in your niche.

Therefore once you produce quality content on a regular basis you will start to gain that online presence to build you and your brand.

Many people in business get a website designed for their business and it looks fantastic; visually pleasing but the question is will it help you build your brand online?

The answer is no, there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple guys. You have to realize what people are looking for and do you offer what they need . If the answer is yes then you need the vehicle to deliver.

A flashy looking website is not the answer. The answer on how to build your brand online is through keywords, images, video,SEO,SEM and social sharing just to mention a few factors.

Personalize your business online

Yes guys put your face and personality to your business. Remember guys’ people still buy from people. You have to get in front of camera I have discussed this in my post “video is a powerful marketing tool”.

The reason being within the next two years video is going to be 90% of information consumption online.

It allows you to get personable with potential customers and it helps them to engage in you and your products and services. Also video encourages people to spend more time on your site which really helps with SEO.

Engage with others on online

Yes guys become a part of the community in your niche or industry. Create accounts on forums related to your products and service.

Contribute to these forums by offering advice and commenting on other peoples material or products and services.


Engage with social media  we have to be a part of this platform guys. Get in there and interact with people and customers who are interested in our niche and in particular our products and services. I have spoke about social media in my post “social media important or not?”


So there it is guys: start following what I have said above. We have to create brand awareness through showcasing our products and services online and understanding the search engine to increase our exposure and drive traffic to our site.

Brand Building in a nutshell

Brand credibility will come by creating quality content on a regular basis. Once this content answers the questions being asked people will start to turn to your site for more information.

This will also help you in the search engines where your credibility rises simultaneously with your blog/website climbing towards the top of the search engines.

Brand trust will come with a higher position in the search engines. Research has show that people trust organic searches more than anything else.

Also through your content and especially video,  allied with a good email marketing strategy you will build that trust.

how do you build a brand online?that is my answers

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