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How do I market my website?| An online presence

How do I market my website? | An online presence

How do I market my website?

This is the question everybody asks, once they have designed their websites. As we all know a website is not enough we need customers to build and develop our business. These customers are out there but how do I drive enough traffic to my site to find them.

The answer is through a little bit of effort on your part.

I shall answer  this question “How do I  market my website?” under the following headings.

  • Content creation
  • Video
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Engagement
  • SEO

Content Creation

Content creation is a must if you don’t have content on your site how are you going to engage those potential customers.

There is no quick fix here; you just have to produce quality content on a regular basis. You have to use images and video within the content you produce as these mediums enhance the end-users experience on your site.

Producing quality content on a regular basis creates trust, as potential customers are engaging with your products and services on a regular basis, therefore this keeps you on the top of their mind.

This is achieved by a good marketing strategy and incorporated in this is quality content creation on a regular basis. Quality content creation really adds depth and quality to your website.


This truly is a powerful medium; it puts you right in front of your potential customers. There is nowhere to hide with video which lends to trust. Trust is an essential part of gaining those customers for your business.

People are always more likely to click on a video  rather than read text, allied with that fact they are going to listen to you  and therefore stay on your site longer which helps with SEO.

It is estimated within the next year to a year and half; video will be responsible for 90%of information consumption. This is a compelling reason for you to use video to market your websites.

Social media

Social media allows us to market our website quite easily, and remember everybody nowadays has one or more account with some social media platform.

Social media platforms allow us to increase the visibility of our websites by adding posts or tweets about the content we have created.

Here we can see the importance of producing content on a regular basis, as our material is continuously coming up on our social media platforms where it drives traffic back to our website.


Email marketing

At the end of the day if we a don’t have an email list were dead in the water. First and foremost we have to bear in mind when potential customers come to our website we have to offer them something of value in exchange for they email address.

As we know people don’t just give out there email address to anyone. Once we gain that all important email address then we start our email campaign. This campaign will follow different guidelines depending on what area you are in.

The list really is what it is all about; this is the medium that allows you to have access on a regular basis to your customers and potential customers.


Anybody with a website has to start engaging in various forum related to their industry. This is where you start to build credibility within the industry and therefore automatically drive traffic back to your website.

Also you have to engage with social media platforms, you have to start commenting on others material. This engagement allows you to become known and increase the visibility of your website.


Search Engine Optimization is where you are optimizing your site for the search engines to find your website. People nowadays just go to the search engines to find information on whatever they want.

What is more important they trust organic searches more than anything else. The best ways to optimize for the search engine is through the production of quality content on a regular basis.

At the end of the day the search engines are finding the relevant information for people to answer their queries.

Apply These Strategies

By applying theses strategies outline above you will be well on the way to marketing your website and gaining that online presence to drive traffic back to your website. Where you can turn this traffic into customers to help build expand and develop your business. So start today and follow these guidelines to answer your question

How do I market my website?




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