Free list building Strategies | An online presence. | Colm McGill

Free list building Strategies | An online presence.

Free list building Strategies |  An online presence.

Free list building Strategies:

OK guys  today I’m going to outline some lead generation techniques. First and fore most despite what people will tell you lead generation is not easy and it takes time and effort.

To generate quality leads  it takes  time effort on your part and it requires you to create value through content to get those leads.


I will discuss this topic under the following headings

  • Create a strong presence
  • Create content
  • Video
  • Engage and Share 

Create a Strong Presence:

Yes guys you have to be found easily and you do this by spending time developing your blog or your website. You have to be found through a simple search.

Once found your website has to be answering the questions being asked. Your sites have to be full of valuable information that is educational and informative and it encourages the user to engage.

Create content:

It is through the creation of quality content  that you will climb the the search engines and through engaging material you will add value to the users experience.

It is through the production of quality content on a regular basis using images and video that you will start to drive traffic to your website with real quality leads.


The influence of video is growing with every passing day guys and it is all ready 80 % of all information consumed presently and that figure is only on the increase.

Video allows you to give a personal presentation directly to the person who is watching. It allows you to build trust and credibility like no other medium and therefore is a very powerful tool in lead generation.

Engage and Share:

Now guys its not just enough to produce content on a regular basis you have to share your material on the different social platforms. You have to broaden your marketing net to get prospects to engage with your material.

Now guys don,t go crazy here with setting up these accounts I would say keep it to around five accounts the main ones here guys. The likes of Goggle+ pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and twitter.

Also another platform that quite useful that I have come across is Ibo tool  box which is free platform where you can use to highlight your business and your products and services.

In closing:

So guys there you have very simple strategies outlined and are totally free in lead generation. The main strategy is quite obvious you just have to produce quality content on a regular basis.

Make sure you optimize this content for the search engines and people and you will see your lead generation increase like you couldn’t imagine. But be warned this does not happen over night.

It takes time and effort and skill which you will develop through practice and following a few simple strategies.

Now I would say to any newbie who is struggling with lead generation be patient build your presence through content creation, engagement and sharing your content in the different platforms mentioned above.

Therefore start today on your

Free list building Strategies.

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