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Facebook Marketing/Social media marketing

Facebook Marketing Social media marketing

Facebook Marketing/Social media marketing

In today’s post and the posts over the coming weeks and months guys I am going to speak about Facebook Marketing. I feel there is a huge opportunity for many small to mid size business out there. You guys still are persisting with old outdated and traditional ways of marketing and gaining customers. I know this as I work with you on a daily basis. Times have changed and we are not doing business like our Dad did out there guys. Please wake up and smell the roses. You have to be online and be online with huge exposure. In these posts I am going to inform you and educate you on Facebook Marketing.

Facebook will rule the advertising world

Yes I believe so right now. Why do I say such a bold statement.

Facebook knows its members:

  1. What they look like
  2. Their Family
  3. Their friends
  4. Their likes
  5. Their interests
  6. Their Job titles
  7. Their sex/age/locations

Facebook is the worlds largest :

  • Photo sharing site
  • Thought sharing site
  • Liking site
  • Linking site (source “Facebook Advertising” by Marshall, Krance & Meloche)

Facebook Marketing for you the Business owner

So does can Facebook marketing work for me Colm? Well listen to me do you have a front door that people walk through? If you say to me yes well then start using Facebook Marketing to day to get that door opening regularly.

So if you are a Vet,Doctor ,Dentist, Gym,Grocery, Furniture store,restaurant, off license, Mechanic etc. Facebook Marketing can inject customer acquisition to your business. You quite simply must create locally targeted campaigns.

Facebook allows you to target people that live within your locality . You can actually target people living miles away from your business. So let us say you are in a highly populated city you can target people within a mile of your business. You can appreciate this is so much more powerful that the traditional means of marketing. You can create ads to runs as a local awareness campaign where you can run to let people know who you are and what you do. I often here Grant Cordone say that the reason most business fail is not because you are not good. It people do not know you exist. So guys get on your facebook account and start creating local campaigns so that people realize and understand you exist.

Facebook is a powerful Marketing medium if you sell to individuals

Consider this Facebook is a place where individuals connect with family and friends. Therefore it allows us as business owners to connect with individuals and there friends. But be warned here do not just shout about what you do. Please be more savvy than than this. Facebook is a fantastic platform to sell products that appeals to individuals core identity. HERE IS A FANTASTIC TOOL FOR YOU TO SEE IF FACEBOOK MARKETING IS FOR YOU. Try this:


So that tool above will let you know if your business can benefit from Facebook Marketing. OK guys that’s my post today short and sweet. Over the next weeks I shall be giving you video tutorials and posts on Facebook Marketing please feel free to comment and ask questions. I will be showing you how to create ads correctly how to boost ads how to target and grow and convert in the coming weeks and months.

I hope you found value in today’s post

Facebook Marketing/Social media marketing

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