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Digital Marketing Services Full List

1. Website and online presence analysis

We analyze strengths and weaknesses in your website and online presence.
The Social Media Report
We look at your online presence and interaction on sites like Google+, Facebook & Twitter and opportunities and tactics in your industry.

The social media report looks at your position on the four major social media platforms:
• Twitter
• Google Plus
• LinkedIn
We will analyse any gaps you may have in filling in your profiles and getting the most out of the free services available. We will look for opportunities for you to interact with likely customers online and analyse which avenues present the highest likely R.O.I both financially and in man-hours.

The Competitor Analysis
We look at similar businesses or competitors to compare your current performance and future opportunities.

Your website Strengths Report
We look at what you’re doing well, what you could be doing better. We will grade your home page and several of the main pages of your site.
We look at things like loading speed of your site, how it appears on Google, what it looks like on the different devices customers are using to access your website and whether you are likely to be found for the ‘keywords’ you are currently focusing on. We do on page optimization analysis in general then prepare a checklist of ‘easy-fixes’ that your web-developer or online team could fix, alternatively we are happy to quote for fixing these as well.

The Traffic & Customer Analysis
We use your Google Analytics account (and sets yours up for FREE if you haven’t got one…) as well as custom software to look at your web pages and sources of traffic.
• Your current visitors
• How do you attract them
• What do they look at your website
• Where are they from
We will also tell you who you are not attracting online, why they are not visiting your site and where they are going instead.

The Price for this service starts from $490 depending on the size of company and nature of business.

2. Web design and web development

We know one of the most important reasons for you to have a website is to make sales; your website is the biggest marketing tool and is your home online.
We know a website should be able to provide answers but also serve information to the users within 7 seconds. We know the biggest challenge of website owners is traffic.
We provide the answer by designing a professional website basing not limited to these features:
Features of Great Website
Social Media Integration
Mobile Friendly Site
Clear Navigation
Fast Loading Speed
Have Images of People and Service
Service/Product information
Easy to Find Contact Information
A well designed blog and have reader engagement
Subscription Invitation

Also, we make sure your website is built with SEO in mind.

Website Redesign, Mobile responsiveness and Platform changes
We have the packages for Website redesign as well. If your website is not configuring correctly in all devices, we are the perfect team to help.
The Prices for these services vary depending on the size and nature of work, but the minimum is $600

We take pride in our best and professional designs book a consultation and know why you need a great website.

3. Social Media Marketing and Management

Free and Paid marketing campaign on social media will intensively boost your business. We have packages for small, medium and large businesses.

Why you need this service?
Find new customers
• Spread the word about your products and services
• Brand recognition & Trust
• Advertise your business, products or services
• Create a community and loyal following
• It’s good for SEO

What do we do:
Reputation Management
• Content Creation
• Increase in followers
• Business Page Optimization
• Ad Campaign Management
• Spam monitoring
• Monthly Progress report
No Setup Fee

What to expect from our social media packages?
• Increase the number of followers in all social networks
• Proper management of your social media pages, according to best standards and practices
• Guidance from a social media expert on how to make the most of social media
Prices starting from $500 a month

4. Search engine optimization (SEO)

There is no search engine optimization question we cannot answer, that’s why we have remained as the best seo company for small businesses.
We know the businesses need exposure, but more importantly sales. We are all about quality traffic through quality seo that gives you great results.
Did you know? We also give you a free seo analysis??

Why Choose Us
Transparent ethical pricing
• Satisfied customers
• Proven and measurable results
• Personal support
• Full range of Digital Marketing Services

We have five seo packages you can choose, the only difference is the number of keywords, we are exceptional here, we do offer great services irrespective of the plan chosen

Steps to go:

Select the SEO package that is closer to your budget and fill in your contact details.
• We will review your website and create a draft SEO plan based on your needs. We will then contact you, present our plan and explain how our SEO services work in more details.
• Analyze and choose the keywords for your campaign
• Give you our work plan sheet
• Once we agree and pay a first month, we start work

Our Commitments
• On Page SEO – Before doing anything else we will ensure that your website is optimized for on-page SEO so that you get maximum exposure in Google and other search engines.
• Off Page SEO – Besides having an optimized website to achieve good rankings you also need to have a solid off-page SEO profile.
• Local SEO – If you have local store, we will make your store the most visited by handling correctly local seo.
• Google SEO – Google makes hundreds of changes per year to the ranking algorithm and we will make sure that your website is not negatively affected
• Keyword Research – Everything on the web starts with a keyword and we will do a thorough keyword research to identify your winning keywords that can get you more traffic and business.
• Competitor Analysis – Competition is tough on the Internet and it’s our job to keep an eye on your competitors.
• Conversion optimization– SEO is not only about traffic and rankings but it’s also about getting more conversions
• Ranking Reports – On a monthly basis you will be given reports on how your web site ranks on major search engines.
• Progress Reports – Status updates on a monthly basis that indicate the progress of your SEO campaign.
• SEO Strategy – Our first step after you choose one of our packages is to design a unique SEO strategy.
• Every month you will get a report with more information on the SEO work performed including ranking progression, cost and benefits for your website.
The SEO packages from $550 a month for a minimum package of 5 keywords, Click her on SEO for full prices and packages

5. Pay per Click Services (PPC)

We offer PPC services with conversion in mind. We make sure we deliver the best, as we understand, every click costs dollars. Our main focus here is either spend nothing if you can’t profit, or spend more if it’s profitable, so it’s really an intelligent designed campaign to help our clients start selling even when their website is nowhere to be found in organic search.

We insure our clients get the highest converting keyword phrases in the campaign that we target, and see the floodgate open to your business.

In order for PPC to work in a profitable way, we need to do a lot of work when we setup your account the first time. This includes discussing with you in depth about your business, past experiences, products, current and potential customers, competition, your past marketing experience and other things we think can help us with a better campaign.

Our PPC management will covers:
• Dedicated Account Manager – From the first contact you made, you are assigned a dedicated account manager that is responsible for running your account.
• Account Setup – We will setup your PPC campaigns using best standards and practices.
• Keyword Research – We will do keyword research and identify those keywords that are aligned with your business goals and can make you money
• Ad campaign copywriting – We will create any text ads necessary to run our campaigns.
• Google Analytics Integration – Results of our PPC campaigns will be available via the powerful reporting platform of Google Analytics
• Conversion Tracking – Without conversion tracking is like driving with your eyes closed! We need to know what works best on your ppc campaigns so before starting we will ensure that conversion tracking works.
• Mobile Ads – We will optimize your campaigns for targeting mobile and tablets users also.
• Progress Reports – Each month you will get a detail report showing the progress made and work carried out on your campaigns.
• Campaign management¬ we will monitor your campaigns on a daily basis to make sure that they are running optimized and without any problems.
• Landing Page Optimization Review – You need a high converting landing page and we will do one for every campaign.

Our Charges
Please visit here to see fee Google adwords

6. Email Marketing Packages

We have varied email marketing packages for any business irrespective of the size; also we have packages in two different plans, the startup package and monthly packages.
Email marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to build brand loyalty, gain insight into your audience and drive sales. Do you want to build your email database? Or are you in the fortunate position of owning lots of data, but you don’t know what to do with it or where to start? Let us help you get started

Email marketing start up package
• Reviewing your current data and campaigns
• Defining and segmenting your audience
• Outlining KPIs & measuring metrics
• Refining the content
• Tailored HTML email
• Determining the frequency & creating an email timeline
• Guidance on analytics & reporting

The package varies depending on the size of the company and data to be retrieved.
It starts from $400

Email Marketing Monthly Package
This is a monthly payment. If you are already sending out emails but they’re fairly sporadic or you don’t have the time to manage the design, content, testing, sending and reporting, let our team do the hard work.

Two bespoke HTML email templates
• Test & send one campaign email per month
• Month on month analytics & reporting
• Reviewing your current data and campaigns
• Defining and segmenting your audience
• Outlining KPIs & measuring metrics
• Refining the content
• Determining the frequency & creating an email timeline
• Guidance on analytics & reporting

This package is $400 a month, but with a minimum of three months contract

7. One off Promotional Campaign Package

This is the ideal package for the companies that need an immediate action in marketing or promotion. Are you having an event that you would like to put massive efforts for awareness? Do you own a business that has been dormant and now you want to raise awareness?? Do you have a one off promotion or event you would like raise awareness of? Would you like to give your business a boost with a seasonal campaign?. We can devise a campaign package that integrates key marketing channels to leverage exposure.

Promotional campaigns are one of the most fundamental tools used to introduce or reintroduce any given product or service to a large audience over a period of time. Its mechanism for reaching an audience through different means, but to do so effectively, these campaigns are built on a solid foundation with various crucial elements at their core

Our Commitments:

• Your promotional message reaches your intended and targeted audience.
• Your message is understood by your audience.
• Your message stimulates the recipients and they take action.

Our Success Steps:
• Assessing Marketing Communication Opportunities for your company
• Communication Channels that will be used
• Determining the objectives of the campaign
• Determining the promotion mix
• Developing your promotion message
• Developing the timeframe
• The promotional execution

The campaign package can include:
• Campaign objectives & KPIs
• Campaign operational plan
• Campaign landing page
• PPC campaign
• One campaign email
• Social media campaign
• On-site support during the event or launch
• Analytics & reporting

The Promotion Campaign package is $500

8. Blogging Packages

Your website is incomplete without valuable fresh content being uploaded on regular basis, as you know, the search engines love fresh content, also the users love great contents to keep them engaged.

It’s unfortunate that not all businesses have qualified content writers, nor have enough time to research and write what the users need. We do blogging for businesses that want to keep up with competition and retain their client engagement at all times.
Do you need help with writing more blog posts or higher quality blog posts to help increase your organic website traffic?

We start off with conducting research to get the information that we need. We research your industry and interview key people in your company who work in sales, marketing and product or service management. We also have our team qualified in different fields, so we really have what your business needs.

Our Blogs:
• Use at least one keyword per blog article
• The keyword should be mentioned in the title (if possible).
• The keyword should be mentioned in the article 2 – 3 times (if possible).
• Include the keyword in the webpage title
• One of the keywords should be bold or italicized.
• A blog of at least 600 words

Our Packages starts from $400 a month, which gets you 8 articles, 2 every week.
Depending on the business size, we can customize and produce more articles.

9. Web content writing

In this competitive online marketing, your website content matters. The search engine preference is not on any website that has poor content, poor information or only sales information.

To be able to compete now, your website needs great content, the content that answers questions, not just selling the packages or your products. Your website should have great content that answers and engages the readers.

We provide professional content writing service for each field, bring your ideas and we will create you the best content of your field.

The packages depend on the nature of work, page text content starts from $60 with at least 600 words.

10. Quick Fixes Services

Optimized Facebook business Page from $25
• Optimized Twitter business Page from $50
• Optimized Google+ business Page $50
• Optimized LinkedIn business Page from $50
• Optimized Instagram business Page from $50
• Optimized Pinterest board from $50
• Optimized Trip Advisor business Page from $50
• Optimized Safari Bookings business Page from $50

11. Social Bookmarking and Article submission sites listing

• 10 business relevant social bookmarking submission- Onetime, $50
• 10 business relevant social bookmarking submission for every post, $30 every time
• 10 business related article submission- Onetime $100
• 10 business related article submission – monthly, $120

12. Uncategorized services

• Setting a booking engine from $500
• Booking form from $300
• Contact Form from $100