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In today’s Google Hangout I am discussing about why you should get a Digital marketing Consultant. So in today’s hangout “Digital marketing Consultant” I get straight into it. I first highlight two of our customers Abatis Dublin tree services and Skellig Michael Cruises and demonstrate where they are ranked in the search engines and highlight to you the presence I have created for them. This of course underpins why you need a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Digital Marketing

You the small business owner need to start thinking about marketing your business online and start creating that online presence. As time goes by guys, its quite obvious that traditional means of marketing your business does not work: If you take your head out of the sand for a moment and look around guys, you will see everybody is online. People at the bus stop at the shops, they are searching online. You see them using their mobiles looking for a business like yours. So today is you day to start, just get out there and find yourself a Digital Marketing Consultant like me.

The services of this Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Website redesign/optimisation to generate leads and sales
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing and content creation

Website redesign/optimisation to generate leads and sales

Here guys we examine your site to see if you need a redesign or a revamp. Too many of you have websites that are not performing and not gaining you customers or leads. The reason is quite simple you do not have your site optimised. Your site may look nice to your eye, however it was not designed with the search engines in mind and hence you’re nowhere to be found when it comes to money making key word phrases. This means you are losing out on customers and to your competition. So contact me today and let’s get started on doing some digital marketing on your business.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is paramount for your business to be successful guys: You need to optimise your website today. You need to have the correct keywords targeted the correct heading titles meta descriptions, alt tags and urls. I’m not going to explain these guys, the person who did your website should have discussed such terms. You also have to start thinking about link building and content creation guys. If you have not heard any of what I have just mentioned you need someone like me a Digital Marketing Consultant immediately to start expanding your business right now.

Google Adwords

If you are serious about gaining customers and advertising your business in today’s environment you quite simply have to start using Google adwords. Here you need someone that knows what they are doing to manage your account and deliver results to you and your business. So again this furthers emphasizes the importance of getting a Digital Marketing Consultant. Contact me and let’s get your business moving and stop losing customers guys.

Facebook advertising

Let’s face it guys we need to have a strong social presence for our business. We need to integrate all our platforms so they are working as one. Facebook is one of the biggest social platforms and you need to start advertising on here and driving customers back to your business. Here we will manage your campaigns for you and start gaining results for your business.

Email marketing

Any business that wants to be successful or is successful uses email marketing. This is powerful guys as many of your customers will do business time and time again with you, but you have to inform them of what you have to offer. Many of you have heard the money is in the list and it sure is. You are also aware guys once someone buys from you and has a good experience they are highly likely to do so again. So I’m sure you can see the importance of email marketing and informing and educating your potential and existing customers. Here we will help you set up and run campaigns and automate your efforts.

Content marketing and content creation

Content is king guys and it is a very powerful weapon when it comes to Digital Marketing.  Too many of you have generic websites without any real content outside of a few generic pages. This is a huge mistake. It is through content creation and content marketing you will grow online any good digital marketing consultant will tell you this. Content gives you the opportunity to gain credibility, position yourself as an authority with your potential clients. It is here that trust begins. So I urge you today start developing and expanding your business through content creation and marketing.

Concluding the Goggle Hangout “Digital marketing Consultant”

So in this post I have touched on the main points I discussed in the Goggle Hangout “Digital marketing Consultant”. The main objective of this hangout was to highlight to you. By us working together we can help you to stop losing customers, stop losing money and stop losing business.  Please contact me today on I hope you got value from our Goggle Hangout “Digital marketing Consultant”