Content marketing Strategies for small business | An online presence | Colm McGill

Content marketing Strategies for small business | An online presence

Content marketing Strategies for small business | An online presence

Content marketing Strategies for small business:

Content marketing gives you as a small business the opportunity to gain exposure for your business online. This in turn will divert traffic to your business, which in turn will increase your customer base.


There is no doubt that content marketing is a very efficient and economical way of creating an online presence. The strategy of content marketing is a fantastic way of advertising your small or local business online.

Also if we keep in mind that there are 2.1 billion internet users what other medium allows the potential exposure to this kind of traffic and potential customers.

Many small business have not understood how much potential their business possesses and how their products and services would thrive if marketed correctly online. All it takes guys is a few simple strategies.

Today I’m going to give a brief outline of the strategies you should employ as a small business in respect to your content marketing campaign.

Post on a regular basis on your blog:

First of all guys we have to produce posts on a regular basis. Now they don’t have to be masterpieces you just have to produce a post between 500-600 words in length. What do I write about I hear you say, well you can write about your business, your product and services, your industry and yourself.

You really have to start realizing as a small business you have a lot of experience and knowledge that people are looking for. We live in the information age therefore if you are relevant to the questions being asked you will climb the search engines and increase your online presence. So start producing quality information that is educational and engaging.

Images say a thousand words :

Images are a powerful tool they really do speak a thousand words and they grab your attention.

You have to get out there and take pictures of your business and your products. You use also take images available on the net that have nothing to do with your business but grabs their attention.

However make sure you optimize the alt tags here guys this is very important for SEO. I would also recommend setting up a Pinterest account it’s a great platform to show case your products in a visual way.

Video is the king:

Yes it sure is it is estimated that You tube gets 4 billion hits per day, this is unbelievable. So now you can see as a small business all your content marketing campaigns have to have Video included.

With video you are just speaking about what you have said in your post but it allows you to give a direct presentation to the person who is listening. It allows you to showcase your personality passion and therefore you can develop trust with the person listening. So now you can see what a powerful medium video truly is.

Also keep in mind guys that around 80% of people who visit pages scan they don’t read however they are more likely to click on your video. Allied with that fact video has higher conversion rates than other mediums. So get out there and start making those videos keep them anywhere between 3-6 minutes.

Share your content:

This important guys sharing your content across the different platforms this helps your small business increase it marketing reach. I would suggest that you set up at least 4-5 accounts with the likes of Twitter, Google+,Face book,Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube for example.

As an a small business owner ensure that your engaging with your content and others this expands your online presence and increase your credibility within your industry.

I have highlighted some very simple strategies for you to follow as a small business and you will see increased traffic to your site and your business. So start today with these tips for

Content marketing strategies for small business.

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