Content marketing for local business | An online presence | Colm McGill

Content marketing for local business | An online presence

Content marketing for local business | An online presence

Content marketing for local business

Content marketing for local business this is a must for all local business you have to start today. You have to produce quality content about your business, to inform and educate people on your business and opportunity.


I have spoken in other posts about setting up a blog for local business, but now it’s time to take your marketing up a level it not enough just to  have  a blog or website.


You have to inform and educate your customers and your potential customers about your local business and the industry. You have to add value to their experience of engaging with your material, you want to become an authority within your niche.

By producing quality content on a regular basis you are going to engage your customers. You are going to build your brand credibility and trust. Content marketing is all about producing content and sharing that content with people within your industry and start to really engage with these people.

These people may be customers or potential customers  they also may be other business owners. Many local business owners don’t see other owners as allies but as the enemy this is a mistake especially online there are plenty of customers to go around.  Especially when you consider there are 2.1 billion internet users.

Content marketing forms mutually beneficial partnerships:

Content engagement is a fantastic way of forming partnerships and relationships with other local business in different parts of the world where you can share experience and knowledge to progress and expand your business together. How you engage with your content is through sharing the content on different platforms like

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

There are many others.  Also through these mediums engage with others material you will learn a lot from other local business within your niche also gain ideas and become friends and set up a Skype call for a chat and share experience, this all comes from you creating quality content and engaging with that content. Through this content marketing strategy you’re building your presence online line for you and your business.


Content marketing correctly with local business:

As the local business owner if you produces one piece of quality content a week you will be well on your way to creating your online presence. As a part of your content marketing strategy you have to produce a quality post that is informative and educational to the end user.

Ensure your post is 500-600 words in length that contains valuable information on the topic you are speaking about. Remember with every post you produce to add to its value and content always have an image and a video. You have to get personal as a local business showcase your personality through the power of video.

 Content marketing takes times to build a presence online:

Content marketing takes time and a little bit of effort but they is no denying it is the way of the future. This production of quality content will allow a local business to gain a real presence online and gain credibility within its respective industry.

You have to be willing to grow your business online and the way to do this is ensure that you add real value to your end-user. They is no quick fix solution here it will require you to spend a couple of hours a week producing a post about your business or something within your industry that is informative and of worth. Get that image and shoot that video on your post.

Share and engage with Quality content:

Share your post with the different platforms and engage and read other material by other people and business and learn from them and connect over the various platforms. Quality content is your currency online as a local business so get out there produce share and engage.

This is content marketing for  local business.


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