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Content Creation versus web design | An online presence

content creation versus webdesign | An online presence

Content Creation versus web design.

Many people and businesses have fantastic looking websites very slick indeed. They have spent thousands to get their website designed.They are very happy with the look of their site and feel it’s money well spent.

But the question here which is more important, content creation versus web design. Well in my opinion there is no comparing.

Content creation is king;

It adds depth and value to your website. It is the very thing that drives traffic to your site and keeps the end user on your site.

Many people get carried away with web design, and feel they have to look very professional and slick with all different features on their site. Not so, a simply designed website can drive enormous amount of  traffic to your business once the content is quality.

Many businesses out there have a fantastic looking website with great themes, however there is no information on these site accept a few pictures from 4 years ago. Little bit text and that’s it.

They haven’t been updated in months of even years.These businesses spent their hard earned cash on the creating of their websites and they have forgot about content creation and engagement.

This is crazy when you think about it. No matter what kind of a design your website  has, if you are not producing content on a regular basis you’re not going to become visible online.

You have to create that online presence through SEO, SEM, keywords and the production of Quality content on a regular basis.

Capture email addresses

Many websites don’t even have an opt in form while they have a capture box somewhere on their site; people are not going to trawl through your site to give you there email.

So they is no doubt you have to offer something valuable to your potential customers to acquire their email address.

Of course this email address allows you to keep these prospects informed of your products and services on a regular basis. Many businesses have not realized the power of email marketing. This is a mistake and a costly one at that.

Irrespective of the industry you or your business is in you have to gain a little understanding of online marketing  to get your website to perform, otherwise your website remains in an online wilderness with no traffic.

Content Marketing Strategies

Therefore you have to produce content on a continuous basis incorporating SEO, SEM and keyword density techniques. Ensure that you keep the length of your content between 500 and 700 words.

Always include images as they say thousand words. No matter what content you produce you have to incorporate video it is the secret to driving traffic to your website and it add to the experience of the end-user.

It is content creation that creates the depth and value to your site. It helps you to climb the search engines and increase your visibility. This is where you make your website perform and create an income through your website.

The mistake many businesses make is that the traditional methods of advertising your business are gone or gone too expensive.  People have to realize the way of the future is online and you have to create that online presence for you and your business.

To answer the question “content creation versus web design” in short there is no point having a good web design if you don’t have good content. The simplest website will perform if it has good quality content and engages the end user.

Content creation remains King

It remains king through good content creation strategies and the use of different mediums like images video social platforms etc.

Content creation and the correct use of various platforms will increase your visibility and increase traffic to your website which will eventually add to your bottom line.

It also allow your business to develop and expand so content creation is the way to gain a presence online, this answers the statement of :

Content creation Versus Web design





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