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Content Creation | Digital Marketing Consultant

Content creation

Content Creation | Digital Marketing Consultant

We have all been reading through various contents regarding the products and services we need. We have seen short and long articles, engaging and those that are not engaging, and we have been making decision on whether we should go on reading or skip and go back to result page, decision whether the content is worth sharing or not, and whether the content makes the writer or that company credible enough to make business with them.

Content Creation is an art guys, most people do write content thinking on themselves, not the readers. We need to have content that answers the readers’ questions, the content that makes the writer the authority and at last the content that triggers user actions…buy your service.

Think of the services and products you would like to buy, and then think of the best content that would make you buy those service/products from that particular website, the write enough and engaging content about your services.

Content Creation is an art guys, write an engaging content which is enough of course, do not just write great but short content that will make your readers go to the other website to read more.

Here are dos and don’ts when you are content creation for your valuable readers who are your potential customers of whatever you offer.


Do’s | Content Creation

Enough Content | Content Creation

Guys we always need clear and enough detailed information before we take any serious purchasing decision, and if we are writing something for our readers, why don’t we write what we all want to read? It’s very simple, have a plan and know exactly what you would like to hear if you were reading somewhere, try to be in a reader’s shoes; is that piece of information you are providing the best one you can do? Is that piece of information enough to make you trust the writer, would you make a purchasing decision? Would you like to shop around and get better information? Is this the information I want, or is it irrelevant?  Being in reader’s shoes will give you a guideline for better content.


Engaging and Personal Content | Content Creation

Best content should engage the readers. The readers should see and feel personality in your writing. You have to show your passion and motivate and inspire. You can do this by sharing information they want and is beneficial to them in numerous ways. Use video as you can give them a personal presentation and a call to action. Also you can engage motivate inspire build trust gain credibility all through video. Also incorporate an image too to grab their attention.


Visual and Data | Content Creation

We as readers like visual content and want data also we like to see graphs and statics. I would like to read an article where I see Images, watch videos and get some data in the form of comparison and statistics.


Images | Content Creation

Images draw attention. Images keep readers alive. Images are especially effective vehicles to activate associations. If you spark an experience or memory with your image, you can convey meaning that goes well beyond the picture itself.

As a matter of fact, whole businesses have sprung up around the idea of using images to facilitate communication .So we should include images in content. The Images might be of your services/products, the facility, the customers having the experience of your services, the images at point of service etc.


Videos | Content Creation

Include the video in your article not only for boosting your ranking but for your readers. As we all know people now use more hours viewing video than reading, so why don’t we give them what they want?

100 hours of video are uploaded every 60 seconds to YouTube. This gives us an understanding how Video is use is increasing exponentially, grab the opportunity.

Video is the medium that allows you to be seen as an industry leader and showcase your passion.


Data | Content Creation

The data gives us the credibility, and if we are comparing or showing the importance of something it works well with data. Example I am showing the importance of video, I should at least include this:

“Online video is growing exponentially, with over 4 billion videos viewed daily. If you use YouTube for your business, you can easily reach your audience, both by creating videos and advertising on other people’s videos”


Share your Content | Content Creation

Share share share guys across the net. We need to create citations across the web to give signals to our readers/followers or all potential clients who might be looking for what we have written about.

Think of social media communities where the people we want to read our contents are. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Scoop It, Pinterest and YouTube are all great tools for content which is free of charge.

Facebook has more than 1 billion users still you are able to market free if you want. LinkedIn and Twitter all together have more than half billion users. YouTube is phenomenal almost every one we are targeting has watched one video there, so make sure you share your article to different places where you direct them direct to your website.


Repetition makes perfection | Content Creation

When you read your own article you published few days ago, you will obvious have different views, you will be thinking I could have twisted it this way, maybe removed this word, maybe deleted this paragraph and emphasized this…oh this one I had no great supporting data etc.

Having a tendency of reading your own article and reading the industry leaders’ articles gives you more knowledge and preparation for the coming articles. Even if you write the new article about the same subject, you will craft it better, so this tendency of more reading and more writing will give you more ability to create great content creation.


Don’ts in Content Creation

Lets speak briefly of the other side of the coin in content creation.

Don’t sell your services, sell yourself | Content Creation

Most of content marketers fail to deliver the best content when they go out thinking about making sure they sell their services. We need to sell of course, but know that people will only purchase when they are engaged and satisfied. When they have trusted you and knew you are the industry authority. You have been in one of websites reading the article and bookmarking the page. That’s because you are satisfied and you don’t want to miss the page and maybe their next publications.

Establish yourself as the best writer and most helpful to their needs and they will buy from you. Show the need to help, educate and advice then they won’t turn their backs from your services.

We the marketers need to market ourselves first then the clients will buy, as we should not confuse them with loads of aggressive sales article. Just write for them and will come to us eventually.

Content Creation needs more than selling, it’s answering your reader’s questions. If they have to buy they will come, and they don’t buy the same day will be your followers then. Think on the long run sometimes, it will pay off.

Now guys I must say I have wrote long article than the time you might have to read it all, but feel welcome to subscribe to our blog where there loads of support, subscribe to our channel (YouTube) and follow us on Facebook page where we have a group for helping small businesses stand out.





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