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Choosing a niche | Online beginner

Choosing a niche

Choosing a niche to market, is an important skill indeed. You just cant go out there and choose, you have to research each niche and understand its potential.

First off guys if you are going to blog about a particular niche, the first question you have to ask is. Am I interested in this particular niche. The reasons I say this guys if you do not possess the interest in your niche in the first place you are going to fail.

Pick a niche that you like

It is imperative that pick a niche you like. This is your starting point now it is from here, you start looking at the potential of this niche and the different sub niches it possess. The more focused and specific your sub niche the more success you will have.

As you are targeting highly motivated individuals that have a real passion or need for your product or services. Therefore they are there to be converted

Keyword search

This is a must guys once you have selected your niche its time to investigate what people search in this niche. Do a quick search on yahoo answers. Also open up Google keywords to check what keywords are people using and the search volume and competition that exists.

If you want to take it further you can purchase a paid software like market samurai or long-tail pro.

Next phase in niche selection

Once you have your niche broken down into sub niche you have to investigate is there a possibility of making an income from this particular sub niche. So just do a quick Google search. Type in your keywords and see if there are ads in the results. If so you now know there is potential in this sub niche.

Monetizing your efforts

Now guys you have chosen your niche and now it’s time to make an income from your choice. What the options here are you could monetize through Google ad sense, affiliate programs or product promotion etc. 

Also of course you can develop your own product or services. So here you can see that there is potential for you to earn an income writing and creating material around something that you have a passion for.

Places like AMAZON,CLICKBANK, COMMISSION JUCTUTION etc there are many other places to get products to promote for your niche.

Tying it all together

So now you know how to pick a particular niche and once you have the basics of online marketing down.

Keywords search, content creation, video marketing, email marketing etc.

Today is the day that you start developing an online presence for your niche. Once you apply the different strategies that I have outlined in this blog and visit the affiliate program I recommend you truly will be on the right path to making an online income guys. Because you set time aside on choosing a niche

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