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Building an online Presence | An online presence

Building an online Presence | An online presence

Building an online Presence | An online presence

This statement I see time and time again “Building an online presence”. But what does it mean and how will it help me and my business that has nothing to do with the internet.

Well first and foremost in today’s world all businesses have something to do with the internet.The reason is that people go to the internet nowadays to search for absolutely everything.So with around 2.1 billion internet users we can see the importance of building an online presence. Too many business owners underestimate the potential the internet possess for developing and expanding their business.

Lets speak about and how and what to do:

First if you don’t have a website get one immediately this is your home online. Remember 70% of all searches for products and services are done online. If you are a business going about getting website the first to think about is a good domain name relevant to your industry or if you can your business’s name .

If you are a business that has a website and have had with for a while it’s time to start engaging with your website. We have to optimize our websites for the search engines guys, we have to start getting that online presence for us and our business.

There is a big market out there and we have to get a slice of the pie. We just have to know a little bit about online marketing and be consistent with a uniformed message and use the various platforms available to us.

Forget the hype:

This is quite simple forget all the hype and bs guys that’s online today. Forget it forget it; start learning the basics of online marketing understanding SEO and SEM, keywords and keyword search. Start applying these basics, start producing quality content on a regular basis and building that online presence for you and your business.

Get out there make videos on you and your business start informing people of what you have to offer: how they are going to value from your products and services give them the benefits you have to offer them.

Capture their emails from your website start informing them on a regular basis on what’s  going on with you and your business, a word of warning guys don’t go crazy here people hate to be harassed. Start producing images that capture you and your business.

These image are powerful tools in sparking your customers and potential customers imagination get creative and think outside of the box.

Keywords are Key to Online Presence:

Start understanding keywords target specific words that are relevant to you and your business and devise the correct strategy on how you are going to get to the top.

You can imagine the amount of traffic and customers that you will direct towards your business. You have to devise a strategy around certain buyer keywords and build your online presence from there.

This is not hard guys but it does take a little bit of work and you will have to apply yourself to grasp the fundamentals but it not that difficult. But if you are willing to take the steps to build your online presence correctly have no doubt this will boost your business like you couldn’t imagine. Now lets face it the future of business is online.  So guys as my last words today is start, start now;

Building an online presence.

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