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Building an email List.

This is common sense but alas something that’s not so common .

I was doing a little research on local business this morning and I noticed many did not have opt-in forms.

Therefore they are not building an email list. This is a big mistake.

How do you have regular contact with customers or prospective customers if you don’t have their email?? This is crazy everybody has an email address, use it to your advantage.


Building an email list why?

Many of you guys  go out there and get you website designed and it looks fantastic all you services and products  up there and highlighted, you are proud of this new arm to your business.

But how do you think your are going to keep regular contact with people who find your site through a search. These people might stay on your site and really like it.  Find it very interesting but you fail to capture them,why?

The reason is you didn’t have an opt-in form people who were really interested in your products and service and would be quite willing to to subscribe just don’t have the opportunity?

The difference is, if you had an opt-in form and were sending out a little newsletter every other week lets say. A newsletter telling people about what you business has to offer this week or month or what promotions are coming up etc

This practice keeps people informed about you on a regular basis your building brand awareness, and you are remaining at the top of these prospects mind.


This is essential to the development and expansion of your business guys, and it is free,so start building an email list immediately.

Many people get customers through various means but the trick is to get customers coming back so you have a strong foundation, and as we all know our loyal customers  are the bedrock of our business. They are great advertisers for our products and services also.

Email marketing drives traffic to your websites and is responsible for people buying our products and services time and time again.


The reason for this is your customers or prospects have gone through various steps in the process to buying your product and services. This process can be described by something we call  a Sales Funnel.

For example people initially have come to the the search engines with a query a problem etc? There have now  found your site.

They have investigated your site  and even come back a few more times to see  and get a feel for the kind of business or person you are. How you update the information they want and are  interest for  example?

Now that you have an opt-in in form they sign up as now you have built trust and credibility with them. So they are comfortable enough to sign up  to your newsletter, free products etc.

Now they are receiving information for you on a regular basis and they are now apart of your community and they will start to purchase your products and services and continue to do so.

As you are continuously reminding them of what you have. They will also refer and encourage like minded friends to your site they will also subscribe.

Now lets ask again why should I build a list, well guys if you don’t you are not building up repeat business and a loyal customer base.


Therefore its hard work just to rely on the original traffic to your site you have to get them to subscribe to your list .


So guys put in an opt-in and start engaging and informing your customer and perspective customer on your products and services.


Thank you

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