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Blogging for Small business owners | Small Business Marketing

Blogging for Small business owners | Small Business Owners

Blogging for Small business owners

Blogging is undoubtedly one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website as a small business owner.

Are you operating on a small budget?

We as small business owners cannot afford to shell out a lot of money on advertising. However we need to get those potential customers and clients looking at our business. We need to drive traffic to our business and our website.

Blogging is your vehicle

With this in mind the most cost effective way of driving traffic to your site and capturing potential customers and leads is Blogging. You have to start producing content. Too many of us in small business owners are not moving with the times and embracing technology and new mediums. We have to understand we live in the information age and if you don’t produce information you are dead in the water.

Content is King

You have seen this before content is king and if you have not this is fact content truly is king. Now this is an opportunity for us the small business owners to be competitive and gain exposure for our business. This undoubtedly an opportunity to punch above our weight; if you take the time  to produce quality content  on a regular basis and target the correct keywords it is here that you will get your rewards. Also guys ensure that each post you produce has a video and an image incorporated. These two mediums capture the imagination and motivate action.

Blog but what about?

As I have already said we live in an information age and people are looking for fresh content and information continuously. So consider this:

  • You are an expert in your field or industry
  • You have experience and knowledge
  • You have passion in your business
  • You have passion in your products and services


Now start creating content using what I have highlighted above. It is here you offer your knowledge expertise and information. You can inform and educate your potential clients and in this day and age it is through information the selling is done.

Blog often

To gain momentum and to build a loyal base of follows and customers you have to blog often guys on a regular basis, be disciplined here. The search engines love to see fresh original content on a regular basis. We as small business owners have to take time to create these posts. I would set aside around fours a week to produce two blog posts guys. The post should be 400-600 words in length with an image and a video.  If you follow this approach after a period of three months you will see a significant increase in the traffic visiting your site.

Start Blogging now

Yes guys I cannot put it any simpler this is a great opportunity for us the small business owners to carve out a small slice of the pie for our business. It is through blooging that we the small business owner will drive traffic to our site.

If you need help with any of the issues raised in ths post “Blogging for local business owners” contact me.

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