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About | Colm McGill

Digital marketing Consultant | Traditional means of advertising are dead

  •  Welcome to my site.  This site is dedicated to helping you. The people who are trying to achieve an online presence and get customers to you business to expand develop and grow:  through the medium of online marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business or an individual; we’re here to help you.
  • I am here to consult coach and mentor you in your quest to gain an online presence for yourself and your business. I know many so called experts and gurus will promise you the earth in this domain. Not me; I don’t believe in BS and Hype just straight forward solid help, guidance and information.
  • This site contains wealth information on creating and developing an online presence, this information will be given to you for free. Allied with this I will be offering, paid services like personal consultation mentoring and coaching, Website Design, SEO,PPC Management.Click here on Consultancy Services to investigate further to see what we can do fotr you.
  • The information I shall provide will be delivered through text and video. I will present easily digestible tutorials on all aspects of online marketing that you need to know to gain an online presence for you and your business. Also you will be able to receive my free training videos once you sign up for those tutorials.
  • Please browse through the site to find all the services and training we offer you the business owner or the individual. Click here on Consultancy Services to start.

About me 

  • My name is Colm McGill who works as a Digital Marketing Consultant.We have customers from allover Ireland and in Tanzania.
  • I am from county Kerry in Ireland and love sports of all kinds especially triathlon and marathons. I also love to travel and whenever I get the opportunity to travel I’m gone. 
  • My experience before I became an online marketer has been in a wide range of industries. I have extensive experiences in marketing and sales; the construction, health and leisure, hospitality and agriculture industries respectively.
  • I am a holder of a master of science in human resource management, and I have degree in commerce where I majored in Law and minored in Marketing and management. I also have a national certificate in Agricultural Engineering and Fitness instructing. My LinkedIn Profile here at Digital Marketing Consultant.
  • So as you can see from above I have strong academic background across various disciplines allied with my vast experience across different industries. I believe I possess the necessary knowledge and  credentials to help you in any business, to create an online presence.
  • If you are here, you have questions and are looking for answers. I want to give you the solutions or at the very least guide you in the right direction. As I strongly believe we do better when we work together.
  • So thank you and let’s get started with us to build grow and develop your business.